OCR + formatting

We have been operating successfully for almost 7 years. We support: translation offices (large and small), sworn translators, companies from various industries and researchers.
We offer:
• Free sample of 1-3 pages.
• Free quote for every order.
• Handling large and small orders – from 1 page to several thousand pages.
• Support for many world languages.
• Short deadlines – express mode (on the same day, additional payment + 50%) and normal – minimum 24 hours after placing the order.
• Security of transmitted data (we have our own server and file cloud, the ability to encrypt files or set up a password).
• Confidentiality in the form of a contract.
• Payment of the invoice 7-30 days.

Price list:
Standard mode – the second day (24 hours) – 5 EUR / 1 page
Express mode – on the same day + 50% of the standard rate
Illegible materials / mathematical formulas / technical drawings – surcharge + 50% of the standard rate.
Other materials are priced individually.
If you have questions, we are available: formatuj@formatuj.pl